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inspired by true earth colours

Let  Caldera Crystal Imagery take you on a journey into the previously unseen secret world of  semi-precious gemstomes.

Let us WOW your senses with these vibrant macro images. Be intrigued by the inner colours, shapes and textures. See the   amazing 3D effects in these beautiful images, bursting with depth and colour with choices to suit any decor.  Printed to size in house on top quality Epson papers with an Epson 9900 Inkjet Printer - the leading inkjet printer for exceptional quality in the world.


Our Products

'Sensational Images Set In Stone'


introduce the magical properties of gemstones to your everday life

treat yourself or find that special gift with our range of products

9 oz china mugs.  Just the right size for the morning cuppa baggroup MOUSEMATS_group One of our most popular items, available in 3 sizes with a price range to suit all. COASTERS Untitled-1 Cutting Boards Coasters Jewellery Boxes


Black Mugs Images look stunning against this shiny black 11 oz mug. Bags and Purses Mouse Mats Create fabulous effects in your home with our 'Rock On' Wall Art. Wall Art Pandora's Box Twin Sisters andromeda planets_5

'Spacescapes' - Rock Planet Range

googleearth planets_3 nebulabirth Planets_2

Mookite - Pandora's Box

Agate - Twin Sisters

Agate - Andromeda

Jasper - Google Earth

Tiger Eye -

wineCooler_mal wineCooler_gsl wineCooler_canyons Wine Coolers